OHS Band Boosters

Welcome to the Okemos High School Band Boosters!

In the upcoming months, our students will be working very hard learning drills and music for marching season, as well as music for concert season. We, as parents, will also be working to support our students by listening to their fine performances, as well as the occasional complaint about the hard work involved. The result of this hard work is the fun and excitement that comes from the excellent shows our students perform, both on the field and in the concert hall. The OHS Band is one of the top bands in the area, thanks to the teamwork of top quality instruction, hard working students, and dedicated parents.

Parent support is what makes it possible for our students to participate in trips and other special band functions and activities that they do. Your involvement helps to make band a special experience for our students. Through Band Boosters, you can discover a number of ways to show your support, whether it be by chaperoning band events, assisting with uniforms both in pre-season and on game days, helping to organize and feed hungry students at various events, washing cars at the Car Wash-a-Thon and, of course, helping to plan activities at the monthly Band Booster meetings. Having a child in the band automatically makes you a member of the Band Boosters, and we hope to see you at as many of the monthly meetings as your busy schedule will allow.  A reminder of the meetings will be sent to you each month.

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